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Sharing Ideas

Sharing Ideas


The New Ulm Area Foundation is proud to have been a sponsor for the New Ulm 2020 Visioning Conference.  On November 2nd & 3rd local visionaries came together to discuss ideas.  “Our vision is for the New Ulm area to be a welcoming community that inspires residents to achieve their full potential in life, work and play.”  With this vision statement in mind, attendees came up with five projects to fulfill this goal.  They are as follows: 

  1.  Create a New Ulm marketing campaign intended to “bring the next generation of workers” to New Ulm
  2. Improve housing options in New Ulm that are affordable housing for workers & seniors and to attain inter generational communities.
  3. Start a post-secondary education program that would give youth a local option for education after high school.
  4. Develop a pier on the Minnesota River and bring a bicycling shop into New Ulm.
  5. Initiate a regional 7-12 grade youth center focusing on a safe, fun educational environment helping students achieve their full potential.

There was also a group that suggested that we revitalize the industry council that would bring together manufacturers and other industries to consider collective needs and challenges. This group will work with the marketing campaign group to help meet their mutual needs.

The idea for a Community Time Bank was discussed.  The bank would be a collective project where members could volunteer time to provide services to each other in exchange for credit of equivalent time. There is a group that will continue this idea.

The other project that is already being worked on by the Coalition for Active Safe and Healthy Streets is the revitalizing of downtown by making Minnesota a two-way street instead of a one way,

The Steering Committee members will continue working to help bring these projects to fruition.  Surveys will be distributed to the attendees about the session.  Many of those who attended volunteered to serve on their areas of interested.  More to follow!