4 Pillars Gallery

 During 2012 through 2014, the New Ulm Area Foundation granted a total of $35,000 to The Grand Center for Arts and Culture in New Ulm. The money was used to assist in funding the second floor gallery at The Grand. The Foundation was generously given the rights to name the gallery.

 After much consideration with the Foundation and Grand board members it was agreed that the gallery would be named “4 Pillars Gallery”. This name represents the Foundation’s 4 focus pillars for making grants; art, historical preservation, economic development and education. The Grand is one of the grants that address all four of those pillars.

 Each pillar has a signature color;

art – red, historic preservation – brown, economic development – green and education – eggplant.










Peg Reagan give a Gallery tour of Jimmy Reagan’s works.

Jimmy Reagan’s work as previously shown show at the 4 Pillars Gallery.