New Ulm Area Foundation, Inc.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and community foundation
supporting the quality of life within the geographic reach of ISD 88


The History of our Funding

Four named funds are part of the family of funds within New Ulm Area Foundation: The Somsen Fund, the Macklin Fund, the Nuvera Fund and the Dr. James & Jane Seifert Fund. In addition, the Foundation holds the Charlotte Raymond Anderson Teaching Scholarship Fund, Roger & Carol Ryberg Scholarship and a general scholarship, operations and general endowment fund.

The Somsen Fund

In 1987, New Ulm Area Foundation was started with a donation from Henry Somsen, a former New Ulm attorney.  He endeavored to set an example with his charitable giving and hoped to attract similar gifts from those sharing his passion for the New Ulm community and its excellent quality of life. He also started the fund to honor the memory of his wife Anne Duncan Somsen.

“Henry’s gift of $100,000 as a memorial and tribute to his wife made possible the start of the community fund that would see their volunteer efforts continue into perpetuity by grants to community causes. The legacy of Heine’s 98 years of life lives on in New Ulm today.” – Mary Ellen Domeier

The Macklin Fund

In 1991, Mickelson Media wanted to encourage the idea of “community funds” and made a $100,000 donation to create the Macklin Fund.  This fund was meant to honor former Journal Editor, William Macklin, and foster his devotion to community service.

“We arrive at a community of our choice, being on the receiving end of those who have gone before.  It is our duty to do more than simply earn a living and raise a family.  It is our duty to contribute our time and energy to make improvements to what we found.” – Bill Macklin

The Nuvera Fund

In 2012, Nuvera, formerly NU-Telecom, reached its goal of donating $100,000 to create its own “named fund.”  Nuvera has been a long-standing community partner.  This endowment fund will allow their commitment to continue into infinity.

“NU-Telecom believes that when people work together, great things happen. We realize we are only as strong as the communities we serve. NU-Telecom emphasizes giving back, building trust and enhancing our reputation as an innovative, caring company.” – Nuvera, formerly NU-Telecom

Dr. James & Jane Seifert Fund

In 2020, the Dr. James & Jane Seifert Fund was established by the Seiferts’ children with contributions totaling $210,000. Based on the strong and lifelong commitment of the elder Seiferts to New Ulm, their legacy will support a wide variety of human and civic services that will be continued into perpetuity.

“My parents had three core values: faith, family and service. The fund is also a thank-you to the people of New Ulm. My parents both loved New Ulm and wanted to see it improve.“ – Jim Seifert